Low Disturbance / Direct Drilling

Direct Drilling offers the potential to make savings across a number of elements of the crop establishment process, whilst also benefiting soil structure and giving benefits throughout the growing season.

The John Deere 750a offers excellent seed placement with its world proven disc coulters that are independently set for depth, and is also able sow a wide range of crops directly into stubble, thick cover crops or into a cultivated seedbed with very low disturbance disturbance – ideal for drilling into stale seed beds to limit the amount of unwanted weed seeds to the surface.

It can drill a wide range of seed types, from OSR or Linseed, to Wheat, Peas and Beans.

For 2019 we have also added a 9m Dale Eco-L drill to our machinery fleet to give us a tine drilling option. The Dale is capable of drilling in 12.5cm rows, or if also placing fertiliser 25cm or 50cm row spacings.

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