Avadex Application

Avadex increases the options available for pre-emergence grass weed control, we can apply it at 24m using a lightweight tractor fitted with wide tyres and fitted with GPS auto-steer, so even if our customers don’t have 24m tramlines we can apply it accurately a very light footprint.

We use a Kuhn Aero 2224 boom spreader to apply Avadex at 24m, mounted on a John Deere 6420s tractor fitted with 650 & 480 Michelin Xeobib tyres, running at very low pressures, and full GPS assisted steering. The service is carried out by a fully trained operator who is PA4 qualified and NRoSO registered. The spreader can also apply fertiliser, OSR, grass seeds, mustard, slug pellets etc.

The Kuhn Aero applicator has an NSTS granule applicator test and certificate to ensure it is in good condition and safe to apply agrochemicals – this is also important to meet crop assurance requirements.

Full records are kept and supplied to the customer on completion of application to meet pesticide application & farm assurance requirements.

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